How To Take Care For Oily Skin

Sep 10, 2019   •  29 views

Oily skin can be a blessing in disguise sometime but when the skin gets too oily it becomes a problem but this overproduction of sebum can be controlled.


The steps are :

  1. Washing :

    • Washing face with a good face wash is important.

    • Choose a face wash which is compatible for your skin.

    • Massage the face wash without water for 30 seconds and then use water. This is a good way to clean your face

  2. Scrubbing :

    • Scrubbing is very important as it removes dead skin cells

    • This gives your skin a chance to rejuvenate

    • Scrub your face twice to thrice a week before sleeping because at night when you sleep, your skin rejuvenates

  3. Toning :

    • Toners help maintain the pH of your skin.

    • The pH of your skin has to be maintained otherwise bacteria will be able to make home on your face.

    • Choose a toner which is for specifically for oily skin.

  4. Face pack :

    • Face packs help hydrate the skin

    • It help control the sebum production

    • It can also improve the appearance of pores

  5. Face sheets :

    • Face sheets are travel friendly and can be used anywhere

    • It doesn't require water

    • It can give instant glow to your face

    • Prices are also reasonable.


Disclaimer : this is written based on my own personal experience as i myself have an oily skin.

Image credit : Pinterest