Halwa Parantha From The Lanes Of Nizamuddin

Aug 19, 2019   •  3 views

Hello,friends today we are going to talk about a delicacy which is one for all. If you are bored of eating that old paranthas stuffed with aaloo and gobhi then here comes a special ones from the lanes of Nizamuddin “THE HALWA PARANTHA.”

If you are bored of eating that boring regular pizzas and eager to try something new and exotic then try this new and interesting combination of sweet and savoury tastes in “The Halwa Parantha”. It is variation in that regular paranthas tucked from the lanes of Nizamuddin is a small shop that provides thisdelicacy. As you enter the main Nizamuddin gali,you find a old bearded man drawing your attention towards these Halwa Paranthas. This deep fried parantha does not only satisfies you taste but also fascinates your eyes. This rich and colourful delicacy is quiete filling and is priced at Rs. 30 for a quarter kilograms. If you wish to savour this delight then you have to wait for few months as this delicacy is only available in month of Ramzaan.

The parantha prepared here is quiete different from the regular ones. The whole process of kneading the huge dough involves 3-4 peoples. It is approx 2ft. in diameter and is prepared up of using maida. The dough for the parantha is kneaded loosely and eventually rolled on a greased wooden base. This delight is paired with sweet Halwa, which is made up of sooji,dry fruits,sugar and ghee. The garnishing is done with grated coconut makes this delicious more delicious. The full parantha with Halwa is priced at Rs. 150; if you wish to have single serving then it is only for Rs. 30. The single serving includes a portion of parantha, which is same as the slice of large pizza.

This delicacy is made up of fine ingredients as it is prepared in the pious month of Ramzaan. I know this makes your mouth watery, so wait for Ramzaan then go and enjoy your scrumptious Halwa Parantha.