3 Juices That Helps In Managing Your Blood Pressure!!!

Jul 01, 2019   •  0 views

In today’s life most of the public is suffering from high blood pressure. The hypertension patients are advised to take a healthy diet and here are certain juices that can help in managing high blood pressure.

Unhealthy eating habits, stress and long working hours invite the diseases towards our body. The hypertension is common nowadays. Blood pressure is basically the pressure that is levied on blood vessels as a result of blood flow and contraction and relaxation of the heart. Hypertension, in its early stage, does not pose any serious threat. However, if it is not treated in time, it can lead to cardiovascular problems like heart attack and heart stroke. That's why a high blood pressure patient is advised to follow a healthy diet and include foods that are known to curb hypertension.

Here are some fruit juices that may help in regulating your Blood pressure:

Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate (anar) juice comes packed with essential vitamins and potassium that help in smooth circulation of blood. Pomegranate juice is also known to fight and eliminate ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) - an enzyme that stiffens the blood vessels and leads to a rise in blood pressure.

Cranberry juice

Cranberry is a nutrient-dense fruit but its high content of Vitamin C is what makes it a great food for hypertension. Low-calorie cranberry juice helps in dilating blood vessels and proper circulation of blood.

Orange juice

This refreshing juice is made using Vitamin C-rich fruit - orange – which contains potassium, foliate and natural citrus bioflavonoids, which help keep blood pressure levels low, improve metabolism and help in maintaining sound heart health.

Balance is the key to maintain good health but when it comes to diet don’t overdo it. You should cut off some unhealthy dishes or fast food from your diet so that you can stay fit.