Why do we forget information?

I usually don't remember things associated with me, which others find quite absurd. Sometimes I find reasons to escape from my mistake but its pretty difficult as I land in a problem the very next time. Forgetting my friend's birthday, my parent's anniversary and of course, my own stuff doubles my problem.

Moreover, the worst part is to forget your friend’s treat. Believe me that this is really saddening. But, why do we forget things?

Here are some theories which will flash light on this problem.

1) The collision theory

According to this theory, our memories collide with each other due to which we are not able to track it. For instance, something which was in our mind a month ago would be overridden by things which happened a minute before. Also, either the older memory or the fresh one will be erased. It generally happens when there is only a slight difference between the events so they seem to be similar to our mind. Rehearsing is the only approach to such problems.

2) Failing to Stockpile

Suppose that you were told to draw the logo of a company. You will surely remember some aspect of that logo but, minor details associated with it makes it different from the original one. And this difference in the minor details occurs due to failure in storing memory. Our mind definitely stores some of the information but, not all. Due to this we don’t remember data and it fails to stockpile.

3) The ambiguous one

When we have something in our mind but are not able to present it in the desired way. For instance, when a slight piece of data is missing from our thoughts it seems to be obscure. Thus, this inefficiency to recall the data is also a prime reason behind brush-off. It generally transpires when one is not able to track his memories.

4) The intentionally forgetting Theory

We try to forget things which makes us emotionally weak. Some incidents in our life bring trauma on being remembered. So, it is better to remove those memories from our life for a better future. This is also known as inspirational forgetting, where we try to delete all those memories which stops us from living our life will full enthusiasm. It is better to forget such pathetic memories and move on in your life.

So, next time when you forget your data do remember these theories. They might provide some fresh information related to you. Also, be careful if you are interested in your friend’s treat.