Well, the capital of India situated in the North have some amazing monuments and urban stuff. If you are a delhite, then you would be happy because there are a lot of things to explore and best for making memories. So starting with the first one:-

1.India gate

It was constructed in 1931, and one of the finest place in Delhi and here a lot of tourists come yearly. It is situated on Rajpath, and it looks stunning in the evening lights. The whole monument is made of marble with all over coverings with chain and at evening many a times film shooting takes place here and it's one of the favourite places of delhites.

2.Red Fort

The Fort, built in 1638, is a magnificent monument that seeks your attention, and it shows the art of Mughal creators who have a great interest in the field of architecture. The 33m high walls of Red Fort were built with a view to preventing invaders, and that seems to be great as it shows the intelligence of Indians.

3.Lodhi gardens

Lodi Gardens was built in 1936 by the British and if you get fucked up with life then go there and see the beauty and listen to the silence of nature. It's the best place to introspect yourself. It's total a 0 acre ground with endless charm.

4.Connaught Place

Yes, it's one of my favourite place in Delhi it is urban Delhi, and it's the place where you find every brand and the scenes here, and there are awesome and attracting. It's one of the largest financial, commercial and business centres in New Delhi where an average of total 4-5k people visits daily.

5. Qutab Minar

The tallest tower in India with a height of 73m and is assumed to be constructed around the starting era of Mughal empire. It has a total of five storeys, and each storey is marked by a projected balcony which is great in itself. Here majorly red sandstone is used to make the whole monument.