Depression: A Battle With Your Own Self

Shriya Kataria
Mar 03, 2019   •  129 views

It's dark

It's all dark in my head

I am alive, but still I feel dead

No wonder what's wrong with me

All day , All night I go on a thinking spree

No! It's not normal . No! Sleep cannot cure it . No ! It's not about feeling under the weather.But it's something serious which is ignored by many people . It's psychiatric disorder which can have a substantial affect on the life of the sufferer. It is a persistent problem which is evident by low moods, loss of interest or sadness. It's not a flu or a fever that a pill can cure . But it's something deep within , where everything is fine with your body but the mind is all topsy turvy. It's a situation when the eyes deny so see good things , mind denies to think wisely , lips deny to smile and heart denies to be happy. It's like a circle in a spiral . All that surrounds you is fear, pain, anxiety, curiosity, hopelessness, confussion and negativity.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is the most common illness worldwide and the leading cause of disability. And this problem is diagnosed more in women than men. It is not caused in fortnight but it is a series of events which pushes one into depression. It can be cured by medication and counselings. Also, it is very important to pay more heed towards the person dealing with depression because love, care, and attention are more effective than the medicines.

Too many people are undergoing this problem these days but still the society is ignorant towards it . The need of an hour is to understand the importance of mental health. World Mental Health Day is a good reminder that it is important to talk about mental health. A healthy body can progress only with a healthy mind. Also there are many organisations like Beyondblue, lifeline, live love laugh , American foundation for sucide prevention and many more who are pouring the best of their efforts to assist the depressants and help them to cope up with their problems. Afterall depression is no less than a battle with your self .