5 Dishes You Must Try When In India

Shrestha Roy
May 14, 2019   •  17 views

India is a land known for its large variety in food, widely recognised for its unique uses of herbs and spices such that even the cooking style differs from one region to another. A clear distinction in style and even taste can be recognised between the South Indian and North Indian Cuisine. With respect to an endless list of options there are some food items which should be a must try when in India.


Biriyani is a dish made of rice,Indian spices, meat and vegetables which has been recognised all over the world. Its not just the taste as the aroma in itself catches everyone's attention in the room alongside the visual satisfaction that one recieves when a plate of biriyani is placed in front. Biriyani is a complex but delicious blend of spices, aromas and flavours as every region has adapted this dish into their own unique style and it in itself a must try when in India.


Dosa is a South Indian dish made from a fermented, fine smooth batter having a sort of crepe like appearence totally based on two main ingrediants: rice and black lentils. They as per traditions are served with a sambar, chutney and a stuffing of potatoes. Though dosas by themselves donot really have a taste it almost magically blends in with whatever you decide to eat it with forming a concussion of flavours you can hardly ever forget.

Tandoori Chiken

Tandoori chicken is a popular North Indian dish which is basically a roasted chicken marinated in yougrut and spices made in a cylindrical clay oven. It is specially known for its tenderness and juiciness as it is manily made with spices ground together and sometimes even mixed with a little bit of lemon juice giving it a very distinct taste.

Chhole Bhature

Chhole bhature is a dish which mainly originated from the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. It is a comdination of bhatura which is a fried bread made from maida also know as flour and chana masala. This dish is one of the most flavourful and tempting dishes that India has to offer and definitely worth a try when around in India.

Gulab Jamun Ki Sabzi

Gulab jamun ki sabzi might just be the most unique dish in this list, made from gulab jamun which is a sweet to form a breath-taking and mouth watering savoury dish. This Jodhpuri style dish has a very rich gravy alongside khoya and paneer gulab jamuns usually served with naan and even hot ghee rice. If you want to try an out of the box dish, this definitely fulfills that criteria.