Remember the sequence from 'Sholay', where Jai and Viru, sing together while riding on a motor vehicle? I could totally play the song on YouTube, take a screenshot of the same, post in on social media, and caption it- 'Friendship Goals'. Who we call 'friends' are the individuals whose company we covet. They provide us with stability when we are desolate unequivocally, also acknowledge us regardless of our weaknesses. They make festivities fun, and they help us being who we truly are, they also help us be a better version of ourselves. Researches have demonstrated that friendships with the right people can ensure happiness. Being or having an extraordinary companion could be called the key to living stress-free life.

How to be/Whom can we call a good friend?

A question that might occur to you is, how to identify one such friend? Remember- Such a companion tends to be there by your side, no matter what befalls you, and surely is't judgmental. A worthy friend, according to me, will always be trustworthy too, and will make sure your secrets are safe. One such friend will try to comfort you when you're down, and rebuke you when you're slightly off the track. In every friendship, mutual respect, and not demeaning one another should be very important, an exemplary would never be competitive either. In order to be a good friends, you also need to be a good listener, possessing ample sensitivity. We can't forget, that our companions help us develop a destination. In the voyage of life, companions are guides who come into our lives, assume their roles, and proceed accordingly. What friends accomplish for us can at no point be depicted in words.

How to identify a toxic friend?

It is essential that we recognize toxicity in friends, do bat an eye, and deal with them decisively, before they completely break us. As much as friends making us is real, friends breaking us is, too. To identify friends who fill your life with toxicity, check if they constantly criticize, discredit, or demean you. They would not be empathetic enough, and will lack all the aforementioned qualities I say a good friend should possess. They would not be consistent, and your happiness will hardly make them happy. They at many points refuse to understand consent. They would definitely prioritize their benefit over yours at every point, it will be ever so difficult to satisfy them, and they will have a penchant for creating issues at the slightest pretext (for example, accidentally missing a call). Constant accusations as a pattern can also be noticed. Standing up to these might take a lot of courage, but severing ties with no betterment even after pointing these tendencies out to them only ensures your mental health not going downwards. Be wise!

You can confess to insider truths of life to a friend. They are are benevolent, the people who think about you, each in his/her own unique way, adding colors to your life. Know who can and can't be called friends, and do accordingly. It is often said- “A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.”