Fashion blogging has been facilitated by the growth of media. However, research has said blog influence customers and their adoption of fashion trends. A fashion blog covers different areas such as clothing, current trends, accessories, beauty products. With a large fan base fashion blogging is growing. It endorses brands and encourages customers to make a purchase. Fashion blogging is a "central hub" within fashion industry, keen adopters and buyers.

Fashion bloggers are increasing and now been treated as a career opportunity. Companies are offering free products to bloggers in hope that they will share brand experience with the viewers.


The rise of digital media and e-retailing connect and interact with customers via internet. Websites create omni channel promoting discounts to customers to makea purchase. So, instead of connecting to a single customer now companies can connect to large group of people. Likewise bloggers influence fashion adopters. Customers can connect and share their opinion with bloggers and confidently make a purchase.

Leadership in opinion

'I find it hard to dress everyday; it's not hard, but i want to know what will look good, which color will combination, which style will look good!'

Bloggers are able to influence marketplace by influencing buyers because they are opinion leaders. They are tend to be more productive, explorative, innovative with each product category they choose. Bloggers are spreading opinions on brands and making customers in-take and out-take a brand. 'I find it easy if a style statement is in front of me, at least i can copy it or not exactly copy it, you know what i mean!' Breaking the brand and building style is what we do now.


The influence level may depend on the age of the blog reader and level of knowledge the reader has. The blogs at top of blog hierarchy in blogosphere gains more popularity and appeal to fashion adopters. Brands should also manage blogs because blogs are more effective collectively. As surveyed many would not adapt fashion unless they see on many blog sites.