Tejas Mayekar's Blogging Journey

Machal Singh
Jul 07, 2020   •  8 views

Being one of the top emerging bloggers in India, Tejas Mayekar has sure come a long way. It’s very inspiring to see young talents like Tejas conquer the competition at such an early age. Well, this article is all about his blogging journey.


It all started in 2015 when this curious teenager was looking up how to create a website. At that time, it was the only way to easily design, and publish your own blog with Google’s Blogger. Looking no further, Tejas Mayekar signed up and started posting little pieces of content over the Internet. This 16-year-old lad wrote about tutorials about how to install Android OS on PC and whatnot.

To Tejas’ complete surprise, one of his blog posts about a trick that he found in YouWave, got viral.

“I couldn’t believe it. The number of visitors increased exponentially and it encouraged me to write more.” Tejas recalls.

To this date, it ranks number one in the Google search result.

Naturally, he went about creating more blogs to write about more topics. Be it creativity or technology, Tejas Mayekar was writing articles and tapping into the world of blogging. With time, it became difficult to manage multiple blogs at the same time so he had to discontinue one of his earliest blogs.

“You see, I only had limited time in my hand. Binarybitt was indeed one of my successful blogs but I think not everything lasts forever” Tejas explains.

Currently, Tejas Mayekar actively writes articles about web technologies and it’s useful applications. His aim is to teach people about the world wide web, in the simplest way possible. He founded Webfledge, a website dedicated to providing free tutorials regarding setting up and managing a website. One thing I would like to mention here is that all the articles are easy to understand.

Needless to say, Tejas is quite successful in his blogging career. The way I see it, it’s only uphill from here.

“Well, this is just the beginning and there’s so much to learn in this age of the Internet!” Tejas says.

About Tejas Mayekar

Tejas Mayekar is a well-known Indian blogger based in Mumbai. Currently, his primary goal is to educate everyday people about web technology and cybersecurity. He’s the founder of Webfledge, a platform dedicated to providing free tutorials regarding setting up and managing a website.