Surround Yourself With Good People - Part 2

Kritika Singhal
Nov 01, 2019   •  529 views


I wrote an article on how important it is to surround yourself with good and great people. This article of mine is somewhat a second version of it.

Recently I watched a Ted talk of a YouTuber and fashion blogger. What I learned from her talk is the same thing that how important is it to surround yourself with the people who motivate you and who pushes you to give your best.


Image Source: MISSION Portsmouth

Her Story

She did her and spent 3 years of her life behind a guy who left her for another girl. She failed in college, left her friends and above all her parents left the trust in her completely. They were on the verge of disowning her. This all feels like a complete mess. In the last year of her college basically, the time when she needed to reappear for the exams she felt that as so much has happened to her, nothing more wrong than this or worse than this can happen. So she thought about giving a chance to her laid back dream of becoming a fashion blogger. It was in her mind always but she never dared to take it up seriously as career. The biggest interruption was her parents. In a middle-class family, it is not easy for parents to allow their child to build his/her career in an unconventional stream. It was hard to convince them for her but not impossible. This is because at the end they are parents.

She started with putting pictures portraying her style of fashion on Instagram. Her followers rose from a mere 100 to 55K in a couple of months. She got a job in the same field. She used to make videos for them. It all seems like a happy life. But now comes the twist that even after doing so much she was not happy. The reason was being the same that people in the organization were not at all motivating or enthusiastic for work or life. She wasn't happy with the manager. So she resigned from that job realizing the simple facts that one is she needs to surround herself with motivating people and another one is that if she can work so hard for such a big organization and make money then she can do this for herself as well. She finally started working independently. As she was so popular on YouTube and Instagram that she used to get offers to work for different brands and highlight their collection. In three months while working with different brands she made around 75 lacs.

Now she is happy by working on her terms and conditions.


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It is not that one cannot work under other people or organization but what is the most important thing is that one should be surrounded by the people who motivate us to keep going and keep working hard. This also helps you to be creative in your work.

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