Smartphones And How They Have Shackled Us!!

Shibanjan Bhattacharyya
Feb 03, 2019   •  49 views

In this modern era , the most common sight which we come across in our daily lives is the smartphone being glued to the hands of the people . In every public place, whenever people are waiting lonely or at leisure they prefer to surf the net, browse the facebook pages or reply a text in watts app rather than involving into orthodox constructive passtimes like reading books , collecting stamps,sketching, listening to music and other artistic stuff.

In the present 21st century , it is nearly impossibleto survive without smartphone. Human beings have carved out their life which has shackled them to this cellphone. From food to learning languages,from guitar tutorial to passtime free game , applications of nearly each activity is available in the present app stores. No doubtthat this is beneficial for mankind, but at the same time it is making them 'cell centric '. Statistics say that the number of smartphone users has increased from 2.1 billion( in 2016) to 2.5 billion (in 2019) and forecasted to cross 5 billion soon within two years.

People's life has been quite restricted to smartphone and their usage of social media . These days it has become quite trendy to upload a picture of the events of our daily lives in the social media platform and give their daily errands as statuses. People now judge themselves as capable or incapable just on the basis of how many likes and reacts they have been given on their display picture which in a easier language we refer to as 'DP'. Being popular in the social platform has become mandatory and some people even crave for fame in this virtual world. This how the youth rejecting a realistic well -groomed life to being a virtually surviving couch potato. For the sake of fame in this virtual world, people are also dawning in the shoes of hypocrisy. For example: When a person visits a village which is remotely located , where he finds a potential folk singer on the streets. He takes selfies with the performer, goes live to show his performance and gives the caption ' Folk Love ' in the selfies and video posts on the social platform . But inspite of all these he does not donate a single penny to the folk singer's donation box. Thus we find people are more into showing off how well they are in their lives on the social platform.

On the other hand many advantages of smartphones, have also come up. They have been inbuilt with features which are parallel to PC's (personal computers) . Thus people can be in their work and resume in their work from nearly anywhere with their sort of portable PC.

Thus in a nutshell,we can say that instead of the presence of very rare no-mo-phobic people,people are becoming addicted to the pomp and show of the virtual world and the trap called smartphone.