Inequality : A Story Of One Among Ourselves

Shibanjan Bhattacharyya
Feb 10, 2019   •  61 views

I feel bad for them who talks about equality but does not have any idea how is equality supposed to be. If I state on the topic of gender equality then may be it would be a stereotype topic to discuss. Because nowadays gender equality is in common interests.A friend of mine narrated a story about the inequality that he faced in his schooldays. Let's move with that subject and discuss about the loopholes in the neo-liberalistic ideas of the society.

" I am a homosexual and I realized it very early when I was only of 11 . I understood the fact that people not going to accept me as a normal person and theymade my conscience true . They didn't accept me in my way. I have been bullied everyday by a bunch of people . They used to throw my bag into the dustbin , they used to makenasty comments about my sexuality , they used to suggest people not to be so friendly with me. Even in the school canteen they used to harrass me.

Day by day I was getting so much depressed and wanted someone badly to share my feelings. The group of people who used to harrase me they warned others not to involve themselves into my matters. It was worse than a nightmare to me. I couldn't share it with my parents as they were very careless about my appearance. I got so much frustrated that I started having suicidal thoughts . I still vividly remember that black day of my life . I was on my way back to home when my school people stopped me and forcefully undressed me , snatched my dressand I was left all alone standing there naked on the road. I couldn't scream, I couldn't cry for help . The only thing that strike my thoughts that nothing worstcould have happened to someone like this. After a while I realize that none was going to show me the way out of that situation.

Inequality always does not depend onthe economic status , gender discrimination or on education system but it also includes our social security and acceptance. So don't judge people when you can't feel their problems. When you belong to a democraticcountry then you also have to have a democratic mindset. Because not everyone can be perfect but they are perfectly perfect to themselves.

This was all I had to state. "