With an abundance of populationIndia forms the second largest country in terms of population and seventh largest in terms of size. With these abundance population and 29 states India has a alot of diversity and social groups. These social groups create some sort of societal norms or in simpler words expectation from people to behave in a certain way and it ha been same for centuries. There are certain expectation from different gender for their behaviour. These gender roles have become so prevalent in society that we often overlook the fact that they are demeaning a persons characteristics. Not only male or female are expected to behave in a certain matter but also we assign certain terms to different gender and create a stereotype that the behave will behave according to social norms.

The status of women has always considered lower to man. They have always been stereotyped to be raising kids and family rather than standing for themselves.Females were only limited to being a house wife and were treated as a inferior race. With development the state of women is also increasing but still the stigma of gender roles is still there . In earlier 19th century women were constrained to only house hold deeds. Later in 20th century women started standing up for themselves leaders like Sarala Devi Chaudhurani who fought for women rights in the 19th and 20th century and was also the founder of Bharat Stree Mahamandal . Over the course of time after independence women were also assigned with small scale industry, house maids, factory labourers and all small petty works. Small industry like handloom and textile used to work due to women force. As the time passed women started protesting for acceptance in society as a working member. After independence women along with men women were allowed to vote which was a huge revelation in the gender roles.

Since then the mindset and gender roles of women is being ignored. But still in modern time causal sexism and comments in day to day life which we pass are still assigning the gender roles like women can't do much technical work , women do not understand cricket, women should not leave late at night, curfew time of female students etc. still we have a long way to go to remove this gender role stigma from peoples mind.

In India specially since 20th century the most overlooked the gender which fall between the spectrum of male and female and hence provided with a simple one term which is “CHAKKA” or "HIJRA". This term as no definite meaning as it involves all the gender like trasgender, poly gender, bigender etc. we often do not provide opportunities to the people and we typecast them in the role of a beggar or a prostitute. In India maximum of these people are not given job due to their appearance and sexual preference rather than their talent.

Men being the so called on the top of the gender pyramid they are also given with some certain role which they have to accept or would not be considered manly enough. They are told to be tough and rough, not sensitive, should not cry, take care of the financials etc which is hard for them too as they are not able to show their true selves. As the societal pressure say men not to be vulnarable so it creates a suffocation inside them because of not sharing sometimes leading to depression. That is one of the reason why men are at a higher rate of suicide.

Hence gender role has not been proven to be good for any gender and we should abolish the pre misconception of people who do not even exist and have that 100 year old mindset. In conclusion watch film rolls with chicken rolls but do not support gender roles.