In the age where people tend to become more tech savy, where modern progressive science like nanotechnology are at the peak of their development , where astrophysics has become so advanced that the satellites could even be sent past the asteroid belt - but the only thing humans could not do is control and bring eternal peace to the master controller that is mind. In this age of rat race and heated competition our mind does not seem to be at serene rest.

The hunger for success may have increased our skill for a little but have stacked heaps of depression on failure at a single step. Submission of excessive assignments and hard projects leads to mental stress which is one of the main reasons for depression. Peer competition in the corporate world or in other terms race for promotion is other perils to be worried about.

Depression leads to a poor mental state which in turns give rise to health degradation. Depression is one of the main reasons for the trigger of harmful hormones in our body which gives rise to anger and anxiety. Depression also gives our mind a sucidal tendency which is one of the most evilest effect of it. In 2016, around 230,314 people died from sucide due to depression. The age group of the people deciding to commit suicide is from 15-39 years. Thus we see the new generations have become a more of victim to it.

A partial blame could be given to the new progress of science - smartphones. After television, pcs and laptops, Smartphones is the new device which are making the generation 'Y' a couch potato. They are being introduced to a whole new virtual world and being detached from the real world. Thus they sway their emotions over unrealistic aspects and ponder over unrealistic dreams lacking foresight. Thus depression dawns over them easily.

Thus we can see that depression can be avoided by performing healthy and creative activities ,especially concentrating mainly on the goal. Failures may come in the way but we should know how to deal with it in a sporting manner. That's the ultimate key to success .