As nouns, the meaning of boundary and limit, according to oxford dictionary, boundary is the dividing line or a line which marks the limits of an area while limit is a point or level beyond which something does not extend or pass, a restriction on the size and/ or amount of something permissible or possible.

According to me, limits are primarily psychological and physical parameters. As an example, the human eye cannot see all types of waves as it is limited to sight which we call the visible spectrum. Limits simply exist which are not good or bad. Usually, limits do change in progressive ways through psychological or physical evolution.

Limits can be break as now due to evolution it is the well known fact that humans can fly in the sky due to rocket invention, airplane whereas formerly it was the belief that human can’t fly. Creative thoughts can change the limits.

On the other hand, boundaries are personal parameters, additionally depends on culture and society. Things which are non-physical such as laws, ethics, social mores, and rules in a given social setting are kinds of boundaries, and all boundaries are essentially imaginary. Imaginary doesn’t make it less important; obviously, boundaries do have strength and ignoring or disrespecting them can potentially have drastic consequences.

Boundaries are points or the markings by which the limits are established or marked. They can be physical or not. Limits are restrictions or points where something does not/cannot extend or pass.But usually, boundaries physically limit movement of something or someone, or at least attempt to prevent it. Limits usually limit things that are not necessarily tangible (speed limits, withdrawal limits, etc.) When we think of ourselves, relations, boundaries are guidelines, or the rules which one must follow, and limit is the thing that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them.

Rules are the restrictions or the orders which are placed on some person in order to change his/ her behavior. But the boundaries are the things which we place on ourselves to access ourselves. So, it is important not to mix rules and boundaries. Sometimes, rules may be boundaries.

No one sets limits or boundaries for us. No one is going to figure it out. So, we have to set the limits or boundaries on our behavior or in other aspects. It do reflect our values. It is the essential skill of network or relation building.



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