7 Tips To Have A Healthy Lifestyle Like A Rainbow

Praveen Shankar
Jul 09, 2021   •  370 views

1) After Listening to Music, you have ability to memory all concepts in our studies.

2) Wake Up At Early Morning and Make Sure To Maintain this habit.


3) Get Enough Healthy Homemade Cooked Vegetables and avoid fast foods which were selling near roads.


4) Make Sure To Maintain Your Food Diet. Don't Delay To Eat Your Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner. It causes Ulcer.

5) Drink Water Regularly At least Large 8 Cups Per Day.

6) Be Physically Active To Maintain Your Body Shape. Try Small Exercise Like Jogging, Front And Side Toe Touching. This will really beneficial to keep yourself fit.

7) Get Enough Good Sleep.