Scandinavia basically consists of three countries in northern Europe. The countries are Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The term Scandinavian is most often used to indicate the region where Scandinavian languages are spoken. This beautiful part of the world is full of surprises over every time of the year and it can be a great place for your getaway. From picture-perfect landscapes, majestic mountains, the gigantic glaciers to that breathtaking "aurora borealis" commonly known as northern lights that appeal to get explored, this part of the world is even worth for adventures. Let's know about each Scandinavian beauty.


This "Land of Midnight Sun" has always something great to experience. If you visit Norway, you should see at least one of the fjord but this place is full of that. Besides this country is encompassed by high mountains and plateaus, the topography of Norway has even a huge number of fjords that were sculpted out by melting glaciers.

Geirangerfjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is bounded by cliffs and looks panoramic from nearby hiking trails. The wonderful wooden houses in towns look gorgeous. Raro, one of the oldest town with wooden buildings, is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Trondheim (a beautiful town with a famous pop music museum and colourful houses on stilts along the river Nidelva), Sognefjord (famous for kayaking), Waterfalls Valley (known as Husedalen Valley), North Cape, Lofoten Islands (famous for fishing and its natural beauty), Preikestolen (also known as Pulpit Rock), and Fantoft Stave Church are some enchanting places that make Norway a heaven.


This Scandinavian country is rich in heritage and scintillating landscapes and buildings. Sweden is a land to a huge number of lakes. From its scenic natural beauty to exotic cities, from trekking to cruise rides, from taking the glimpse of spectacular Northern Lights to skiing on mountains, this country is full of charms and glam. Your tour to Scandinavia would be incomplete if you won't visit here.

Helsingborg, a place where ruins of an ancient castle can be seen, has waterfront restaurants and splendid cobbled streets, has drawn many an admiring glance from visitors. Kalmar city showcases unusual sights. This city has a blend of historical and modern architectures. Oland, an island province, is a land of serene beaches, lush green valley. Umea, Sigtuna, Marstrand, Visby, Linkoping, Kiruna, Jokkmokk, Halmstad, Gothenburg, Stockholm (the capital city) are some famous and exciting cities and towns that behold your sight and let you explore and experience a lot of unforgettable things in Sweden.


With quaint towns, embosoming coastal peninsula and dazzling islands, Denmark is undoubtedly no less beautiful country than other countries of Europe. You must be familiar with the popular Viking and Lego Games of Denmark. The spectacular landscapes, vibrant cities, colourful buildings, mountains and lush greenery of Denmark are enough to fascinate you.

The capital city, Copenhagen is a popular destination for many has many alluring attractions. Arhus, Skagen, Odense, Alborg, Helsingor (famous for Kronborg castle where the entire play of William Shakespeare's Hamlet was set), Roskilde are some beautiful cities of Norway. Frederiksberg famous for shopping and malls is another small but beautiful town in the country. Besides these, there are lots of things to do, explore and behold even lots of adventurous activities can be done here.