Places To Visit In Kasauli For A Great Weekend Trip

Kashish Gambhir
Aug 03, 2019   •  23 views

Imagine witnessing a gorgeous view of the sunset while you swimg in the lap of nature. Think about ascending hundreds of steps to reach a famous temple, and walking on a trail that leads to heaven. Sounds pretty fascinating, right? Well, you don't have to imagine this anymore because the places to visit in Kasauli will actually let you experience it all.

Located in the Solan district of Himachal, Kasauli is a quaint town, home to the most paradisiacal attractions that offer a soul-satisfying and a mind-blowing experience. And all of these attractions can be witnessed easily within one to two days.

Gilbert Trail

One of the most beautiful and the best places to visit in Kasauli, Gilbert Trail is literally a paradise. Surrounded by greenery on both the sides, it is a 1.5 km long stone walkway. Apart from lush greenery and gorgeous flora that will surely delight the nature admirer in you, this place is also a good spot for bird watching.

Sunset Point

An ideal place for photography enthusiasts, nature admirers, and adventure lovers, the Sunset Point in Kasauli is one place that should be in the top of the list. Located on a hilly terrain, this place is surrounded with absolute calmness and beauty. Though what really makes it unique is the swimg installed here, on which you can sit and enjoy the breathtaking view of the sunset.

Christ Church

Located near the Mall Road, this place is a historical landmark in the town since it is the oldest church of Himachal. Both its gothic architecture and the cemetery around it will leave you so spellbound that you wouldn't feel like leaving this place.

The Mall Road

Ideal for both shopaholics and foodies, the Mall Road is amongst the best places to visit. This place is the ultimate spot to hang out in the town. And since there's no specific best time to visit this place, you can spend hours here and capture unforgettable memories.

Timber Trail Resort

Spread over two mighty hills, the Timber Trail Resort is a delightful part of the town that is connected by a cable car. The resort is situated in Parwanoo, about a 40 km distance from Kasauli, and makes up for a great holiday destination. Located atop a mountain amid pine forests, the resort also offers breathtaking views of the entire town as well as the meandering Kaushalya River.