Being loaded with lush greenery and exquisite landscapes that reveal the pure beauty of the countryside, Ireland is no ordinary. Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Ireland is an island that is divided between the Republic of Ireland or simply Ireland and Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom.

Being known as 'The Emerald Island' doesn't mean that here you would find emeralds in abundance but the very renowned poet 'William Drennan' manifested the charm of Ireland through his very beautiful poem 'When Erin First Rose' as being enamoured by the lush green ambience of Ireland. Undoubtedly, the natural greenery of the country is captivating and beyond the praise.

If you get around the country you would get to know that it is really doing justice with its nickname 'the emerald isle'. Not only that even the ample numbers of pristine castles that provoke your curiosity to explore them are meanwhile awestruck. Dublin Castle, Blarney Castle (it is consistently being one of the best places to visit here), Dunluce Castle, Ashford Castle, Ross Castle, Kilkenny Castle, Malahide Castle, King John's Castle, Carrickfergus Castle, Dunguaire Castle, Cahir Castle, Trim Castle, The Rock of Cashel, Belfast Castle, Irish Castle and there are many more but all are elegant and shows the excellent work of the medieval period.

The capital city of Ireland, Dublin, situated at the mouth of River Liffey, has many awe-inspiring places to explore. Apart from the castles, here you can visit Guinness Storehouse and Brewery, where you can enjoy the world's famous beer, is a popular tourist attraction and even you can enjoy your popular and delicious cuisines which are really awesome, have a great night at Temple Bar , the most iconic bar of Ireland known for the nightlife, even you feel the same enthusiast at Literary Pub (related to the well-known author Jonathan Swift) and Liffey bars and clubs.

For shopping lovers, Grafton Street, a shopping street, would be quite a great place. Being known for St. Patrick 's Day celebration, here you can visit St. Patrick Cathedral, the most scenic architecture. You have lots of fun when you explore Phoenix Park and St. Stephen's Green, where you get bewitched by its lush greenery. Take a tour of a very well-known Trinity College. At the National Museum of Ireland, you can explore the incredible culture and history of Ireland. The Giant Causeway, the noteworthy landscape and listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is known to be formed by a volcanic eruption. The worth visiting site has innumerable basalt column.

Being the capital city of Northern Ireland, Belfast is no less attractive than Dublin, here you can explore a prominent landmark 'Titanic Belfast' where the most notable RMS Titanic was built which got struck with an iceberg and sunk in 1912.

Moreover, you can also take a glimpse of many more wonderful places in Ireland. As a whole, I must say that plan a getaway for this alluring Island and I am pretty sure that it would not let you down anyway.