Australia, The Land Down Under

Shabab Anwar
Jul 23, 2019   •  16 views

Fernweh: An ache for faraway lands even deeper than the wanderlust. Literally saying it's the farsickness.

Until the craving for travel doesn't go away, it stirs your curiosity and prompts you to discover and explore new places that soothe your soul. The only way by which it can be cured is by getting out of there and get indulge in exploring those places. Whenever you have a strong yearning to travel you must ponder and decide the place where there are lots of adventures to do, full of surprises and thrills you a lot, has delectable cuisines for you and of course innumerable sights to behold.

Australia, located in the continent of Oceania that consists of the mainland of the continent and the island of Tasmania, is a mind-blowing country that must gratify your yearning for travelling. For itinerants, this country is even more than just sightseeing it's something about getting indulge in adventures, thrills and experiencing the country's vibrancy and serenity along with wonderful landscapes. One of the world 's largest islands, Australia is casually known as 'the Land Down Under' as it is in the southern hemisphere even it is also known as 'the Land of Kangaroo' as for the reason that kangaroos are only found in this country.

Sydney, the glorious city of Australia, is an iconic place that has prominent Harbour bridge, spectacular Opera house and boasting with golden beaches like Bondi Beach. In the nightlights, beholds the sight of dazzling skyscrapers and admire the city. With lots of national parks, museums and historical sites dotted in the town to explore and enjoy, Sydney is indeed a popular destination of the country.

Following Sydney, Melbourne is another global city and second-largest city of Australia after Sydney that has lots of things to gaze upon. Perth, the most isolated city in the world, has gorgeous beaches and garden and witnesses the natural beauty of Australia. Another vibrant city, Brisbane is full of amazing sights and highly acclaimed music capital. Nightlife in restaurants and bars is just awesome and even you can do a lot of outdoor activities in the daytime.

The world's largest coral reef system located in the Coral Sea at the coast of Queensland, Great Barrier Reef blessed with natural beauty. From Scuba diving, snorkelling to cruising and watching dolphins and whales, this place has everything for everyone whether you are experienced diver or a newbie. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This wonderful landscape is a large sandstone monolith and a must-see sight.

Subsequently, you can also take a tour of Canberra (the capital city), Adelaide (another beautiful city), Barossa Valley, Kangaroo Island, Gold Coast (famous for long stretches of beaches), Maria Island (famous for spectacular painted cliffs) and many more places that must sate your ache for travelling.




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