Will Digital Learning Replace Teachers??

L. Seemaa Sumana Sree
Jul 01, 2019   •  2 views

Teachers play an important role in society.They act as backbone to develop one's own career.

Mathru devobhava.Pithru devobhava. Aacharya devobhava.Athidi devobhava.

Teacher,lecturer,professor names may change but respect given to that particular profession.In Europe, there is a law which states that scientists in the country and teachers of prekg should get same amount of salary.

In older days, there was no any other source of knowledge except the words of teachers. My parents are teachers. From childhood, there would be teachers in my school and home. I used to feel so stressed. But, when I was growing up, I found that the discipline they thought was amazing. In every step of my life, the motivation, knowledge, morals they taught me was very helpful. I am a front bencher in my class. So, all the teachers were very close to me. Every memory their shared with me was a lesson. A teacher is equal to many friends.

This world is increasing it's speed with technological changes.Textbooks as e-books,google as a pocket guide,websites like quora acting as an interface between people.

An question is answered in seconds, texting becoming difficult ,voice identification is included. Many free online courses have come up. Campus recruitment is going at online platform.From technical to commercial,movies to websites, everything is available.

I found that interaction between a student and teacher is very important at any age of our life. But the technology has broken the bridge between them. No student is ready to ask a doubt to teacher, then how a student in his adulthood can interact with his manager in his job. Of course, technology has more information but not more than the experience of a teacher. These days, smart classes are replacing field trips, management is showing eagerness to display everything on screen but not encouraging students to the live experience which enriches the knowledge of students.

But the million dollar question is,will future development hit the teachers profession?