The movement which encouraged the victims of sexual harassment.

The origin arises from TARANA BURKE,an American social activist who started this movement in 2006.It became popular by American actress ALYSSA MILANOon Twitter in 2017.

This hastag was first used in October 2017. And

  • It had been used by more than 200,000 times on that day.

  • More than 500,000 times by October 16

  • In Facebook,this hastag was used by more than 4.7 million in 12 million posts.

Sexual violence affected one-third of all women world wide which was estimated by World Health Organization.

This movement took place in the various fields like music industry,sciences, education,politics,government sector,medicine, Social justice and journalism,military,pornography, astronomy and many more

The sexual harrasment in an overview

  • In France,a person who makes a sexual harrasment complaint at work is fired 40% of time ,accused person is not punished or even investigated

  • In US,25-85% of women say they experience sexual harrasment at work.

  • In India, a student gave her friends a list containing names of professors and academics in Indian university system to be avoided

Several apps have been developed which offer various ways to express sexual misconduct.

The main objectives of movement are:

  • Sexual violence sufferers are alone and should not be ashamed

  • This is a standing in solidarity to all those who have been hurt

#Mee Too movement in India

It is a manifestation of International movement

It was born in October 2018 , Bollywood actress started this movement who accused Nana Patekar

The celebrities who are accused are:

  • Director Vikas Bahl on the sets of Queen

  • Standup comedian Utsav Chakraboty

  • Director Sajid Khan

  • Tamil poet,lyricist,author Vairamuthu .Singer Chinmayi used her Twitter account to highlight the instances.

  • MJ Akbar ,former Union Minister

  • Rahul Johri,BCCI CEO

  • Anirban Blah,talent manager

And many more

This movement is not only among women but also for men in the name of '#MenToo

#Mee Too should be the mirror of #Never Again