Communication : Oxygen To Relationship !!!

Sayali Kawade
May 26, 2019   •  51 views

As we already know that for human survival oxygen is must the same goes with relationship, communication plays a vital role rather it is oxygen to relationship as the title suggests .

Communication is the lifeline of any relationship, as you stop communicating you start losing interest in relationship as well as the person involved in it.

To keep a relationship healthy and strong communicate with your partner. Effective communication brings out the real you in in your relationship.

Firstly we need to understand that difference between good communication and bad communication.

Good communication is the one in which we try to understand what the other person is saying or thinking and express our feelings openly. The communication on other hand which involves abusing and no mutual understanding is known as bad communication.

To make your relationship and bond strong the thing to do is be honest with each other. “Having not said anything the first time, it was somehow even more difficult to broach the subject the second time around” this quote by Douglas Adams make us realize the necessity to talk about things and open up with your partner ,no matter good or bad. Open communication helps build trust and makes your relationship happy and healthier. Your relationship can ruin badly if anyone or both of you pretend to be happy.

Let's say you feel uncomfortable with your girlfriend's boss who never mixes his personal and professional life, but who has now suddenly been doing so on daily basis. Talk to her about it. Despite your fears of being called jealous, dominant, controlling, over-sensitive or over possessive.

When you pile things up, it can lead to frustration and explosions later on that can permanently damage relationships. Let go things i.e. forgive and forget as by constantly tickling those small things and also not don’t let big things ruin relationship by not paying attention to them.

Try to understand and get his/her point of you. Don’t respond and defend yourself by interrupting them. For understanding your partner the best thing you could do is that, try to put yourself in that situation and then think. This doesn't mean you have to agree to their thinking but at least listen.

Then explain what do you think and understand instead of just saying, "Yes, I understand”. Stay solution oriented rather than being problem oriented. As nowadays we have seen in many couples that, they immediately breakup on small fights too. Don’t concentrate on really what is the problem but check out for a solution instead. Express your feelings instead of telling them where they are going wrong .And lastly while talking please keep your phone aside as one can’t just communicate well by checking the snaps as well as conversing.

We have observed that sarcasm, passive aggression, counter attacks, diversion and denial have ruined relationships badly and are the characteristics of bad communication. Instead try to be a good listener, talk to your partner, and appreciate him/her as a person. But at last remember and try not to over communicate, as doing this would also be a factor to ruin your relationship. Remember at times we just need to tie our tongues up and keep mum.

Let the communication not be a factor to ruin your relationship. The quote by William paisley explains this well, "Communication is like fuel that keeps the fire of your relationship burning, without it, your relationship gets cold."



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Sayali Kawade   •  50w  •  Reply
Thanks khushi
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Khushi Bharmoria  •  50w  •  Reply
Totally agreed. Communication is the key to any relationship.