Indian Society Suffer From Fake News

Savitri Saran
May 28, 2019   •  51 views

You can consider 'Fake News' as a huge tree, which has many branches and sub-branches.It involves acts like spreading lies and spreading false stories.Fake news is trying to harm the image of a person or organization.

The problem of 'Fake News' in India is constantly increasing. Social media platform such as Facebook and WhatsApp are being used by miscreants rapidly to spread false information.

Today true news is being suppressed by false reports.Fake news spreads like a fire in the woods in India, which is creating differences between different communities, castes and religions.The fake messages on whatsapp have become a headache. False messages related to issues like Hindu-Muslim, Upper-Dalit, Goraksha are acting like ghee in the fire.

The problem of fake news is becoming increasingly complex as the number of people using Internet in the country is increasing constantly.After China, the people who use the Internet in the world are in India.

India is,thus a big market for social media companies.

There are two reasons for the spread of fake news.Firstly, the prices of smartphones have been steadily decreasing in recent years.Secondly,there is a shortage of other internet data prices.And people living in villages often believe everything that goes on social media.Smartphones have reached villages a but still there is a huge lack of awareness among the people.This is the reason why most people living in villages rely on almost every thing floating on social media.

Some people are certainly capable of identifying fake news, but most of them are people who consider these so-called news not only as true but also implement them accordingly.

Today, it is necessary to make such arrangements for legal regulation of social media so that its positive use increases and negative usage is minimal.

Conclusion- If we do not take steps to stop fake news, then this problem will continue to grow. Every fake news has some signals thus,news agencies should use their discretion before publishing or broadcasting it further.

The mainstream media is responsible for checking the authenticity of fake news on social media,but the government should also take steps to stop this growing trend.