Beauty is admiration of something that is visually appealing to the eyes.Today’s generation has taken beauty to an altogether different level. Sadly for the generation beauty is just the outer appearance of the body. It is an outward compilation of fancy clothes, expensive adoration and all. Everyone has covered their identities and soul with the layers and masks of what they call as beautifying the body.

The infamous saying‘Beauty lies in tthe eyes of the beholder’definitely holds the ground as for every individual the parameters for what is beautiful and what is not are different. One needs to be authentic, honest and be their individual selves and not mask behind the parameters set by someone else.

In the Bible, the Psalmist writes about the“Beauty of holiness” (seePsalms 96:9). This is beauty in its truest sense, sourced from immortal, divine soul, which is God.

It’s only when our sense of self is materially instead of spiritually based that man can seem to be anything less than beautiful and perfect.

Beauty, as well as truth is eternal; but the beauty of material things passes away, fading and fleeting as mortal belief.

The outer beauty fades but the inner beauty and the good deeds of the soul are for eternity.
In order to be beautiful, one just needs to believe that he is beautiful. Justlove yourselfand be yourself.

Conclusion- The sad truth is that today we are giving a much weightage to the outer beauty of an individual than the inner one. But, the fact is that the outer beauty is just a temporary layer we all have got, which shreds with time and age. While on the contrary, the inner beauty of an individual remains untouched and is everlasting; it’s the inner beauty of the soul which makes someone beautiful which a forever lasting impact of its beauty on others.