Hima Das: The Woman Who Ran After Her Dreams

Saurabh Kulkarni
May 21, 2019   •  8 views

I feel lost.
Stuck in the web which is clinging over my abilities.
I wanted to cross the river and rule my castle.
The one of which I’ve been thinking of since the day I encountered the word ‘dream’.
Didn’t know I would rather fell in the river and even struggle to survive.
Breathing has become tortuous here.
The fishes are roaming haphazardly but it isn’t entertaining me in any way!
I know I can’t give up.
I know I’m brave but I don’t find any way out.
I chose my own way with a set of paints.
But how do I color in this water?
All my pictures and figures (my dreams) will be wiped out here.
Now what scares me isn’t the fact of surviving here.
But the thought that what if I forget painting when I come out of the water?
What if my fingers shake when I hold the brush to color my dreams?
Or what if I forget what painting actually mean to me?
It shall be more agonising than death!
Why did this happen?
I was a princess who surpassed the Universe but then why did the world change when I was going to be the Queen?

More than accepting the surrounding, I’m not able to accept my present state!
So mundane!
My tears used to draw concern and affection but now how do I cry in this river?
No one would bother.
No one would notice!
May be eventually I’ll learn to swim and come out of this ennui river.
May be I’ll learn seeing the beauty of these fishes too.
Then I see the people jumping high and enjoying in their castles.
Why did it happen to me then?
Why is my heart so heavy now that even breathing has become painful?
May be this is happening because I’m meant to rule the ocean.
May be this yearning will help me value the taste of success.
May be I’m here to fetch some valuable pearls from the oyster
Or may be I’m going through these stories to make my biography an epic!
May be!
Just the only thing I know for sure is that life throws challenges at you. It tickles you and even smashes you. But all of it is meant to create a difference. Everyone doesn’t has the same formula of success.

So don’t worry if yours is a bit tricky or lengthy.
You will prove yourself and scribble ‘Hence Proved’ in bold!
For sure.
Just have faith and keep learning.
Trust the process!
An 18 year old girl who came from a really poor family, had no reach to a proper diet and training, no resources to train turned out to a maestro!

She hit the right keys of her life and excelled on the race track.
She didn’t whine to come from a really small place of Nagaon district, rather tried looking ahead for opportunities.

This young flower was further irrigated by Nipon Das who gave an appropriate direction to her life.
Where people retaliate to compete with people of greater excellence, she chose to run with boys to be faster everytime when her feet clapped with the track!

She says she doesn’t want to win medals but to be faster than the hands of the clock and when this will happen, medals would be an obvious outcome!

She is the golden bird who clinched the yellow metal in the women’s 400m final race in the IAAF World Under 20 Atheletics Championship.

She changed her life in just 51.46s!
“She is HIMA DAS.”.

Hima Das is a woman who ran after her dreams. Hima Das is an independent, strong and inspiring woman that the world needs. Thank you Hima Das for inspiring us to run after our dreams.

Life gives opportunities every now and then. Observe and grab them!
Even if you miss some, don’t worry and get ready for the next one.
Hence would say ‘Trust the process of life.’





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