Aukaat ~ every Indian have heard about this word . you may see people saying ' aukaat mein raho , yeh tumhare liye baat nahi '

Youngsters who are from middle class family have heard this word most of the time ' beta aukat mein raho '

It will be of no wonder if sachin tendulkar son become a great cricketer as it is expected from him , people may not remember him .

But if a guy from slum , work hard and become a cricketer defeating all his bad times than he will be rememered by everyone because he cross all his limits (aukaat) to achieve his dreams .

Especially for youngsters , if uh want people to remember you , cross your aukaat. Do something beyond your limits.

Now the question is how to cross your aukaat?

1. Short term goals vs long term goals

Suppose you need to bring vegetable or to clean your room will hardly take two to three hours to complete it ...

And while doing these works you never feel like doing it tomorrow or maybe day after tommorow

Than why do we postponed our career goals ?

What youngsters do is , they bind up there whole work by postponing things and at last they give up .

Try to differentiate your long term goals into small smaal short term goals

Like conpleting one chapter a day , it will hardly take you two to three hours.

These small goals , one day will take you to your long tern goal

2 Making proper plan or proper strategy for your goal .

Suppose , if I say that you have to loose weight . So is it a goal?

No it is a dream . how ?

A dream is why uh set something and think about it again and again

And goal is when you set a goal , define its time , make proper strategy to it .

3. proper reason behind the goal !!

Many a times you have heard youngsters saying , ' engineering ka entrance clear karna because papa kaha rahe hai'.

These reasons of achieving your goal are stupid , because you can only achieve something if your minds says that to you

External motivation is temporary, internal is permanent