What makes me hate people?

Honestly, I don’t tend to hate people. And so is the case with any one of us. Then how does this feeling comes up? What is the cause of such a dark reality?

Just suppose that you were doing some kind of practical work with your classmates and all of a sudden you did something unexpected that one among you felt it absurd. He felt it intolerable or simply an act of disgust. None else could ever think of it the same as strongly as he did it. But, he did it and now, you are the culprit in the game.

He began to make up an image of you. If you could do a thing like this then you must be doing things like those and What Not. He has already made your resume in his mind. Now, even if you do something good or for the sake of charity. He is intended to call it fake and take it to take it another way.

Do you know what most of us do in such a case as soon as we learn it from others? Yes, you are right. We cannot hate ourselves and so we start to hate the other. And at this very moment, a sense of rivalry gets established. A pistol is shot in the heads indicating an infinite length race.

The other way this happens is when someone gives you an induction. Do you know what is Induction? We were taught about it in our secondary school as a process of heat transfer without any direct contact. Although its meaning has enhanced over time as I learned about it afresh in my Electromagnetics as a Major in my second year of graduation. Anyways, technical realtion is not that much neeed here.

People induces their feeling in one another. If they hate someone they will make you hate him or her too. And if they feel good, they want you to do the same. This is one way he or she is trying to make you a comfortable place to be. None of us like arguments after all. Well, I’m an exception to it. Anyhow, that's the other way you began to hate others.

In both of the case mentioned above, I tried to make you explore the cause. I cannot let you have a solution to such problems with ease. You have to figure it out yourself. Who knows my way can be destructive for certain cases. You know, I don’t want to be the accused of anything, all I wanted to do was to help you see. The rest is up to you.

Thank You!