The Indian Shortfilms and the worlds'

Of the golden arts of cinematography, we yield today lies solely in those short films. Almost all of us are done with the same plot of Bollywood films. Every Friday, all theaters are loaded with the same brand new film. I know, they do it for stress relief. But, wait for what? I'm not among those who can throw hundreds to see a hypothetical world, time and again.

And that's how I prefer watching short films primarily on youtube. I would be talking about some of such channels whose shorts are beyond blessings. I mean, isn't it amazing to bring a complete story in about ten to fifteen minutes of framing along with a message inscribed and that too with such beauty. Indeed commendable!

Here are some amazing channels that produce splendid content:

  • LargeShortFilms

I have placed this on number one because of the expense they put in to bring that aesthetic just for nothing but your time which is spent worthily. Their way of framing the scene is so tempting that you would just wish to get indulge in the lot anyhow. Meanwhile, some of them are very touching and often leaves a remark on the viewers.

  • Humara movie

Indeed as their name suggests, they make films that are very relatable to us. You can found yourself easily in their characters, speaking your tongue. They are far better at making films that represent love and acceptance. And they often do it. At the end of most of their shorts, a smile is sure to lighten up your face.

  • Pocket Films

Okay, they may not have such heavy expenditure but they are very regular in making films, once you get addicted to short films, it's just them who can satisfy your thirst.

  • DUST

If you love to watch films based on technical grounds, of what we call it as sci-fi, this is the best place on the whole internet. They make films based on AIs, technical advancement, future earth and similar. Often they prefer to leave a negative remark. I believe they do so to warn the viewers to consider things at their roots and just don't get carried away with what looks cool.

  • Viddsee

I never preferred to put this at the last but, I had no other option but to act patriotic. This is a channel based on South-East Asia; countries like, Indonesia and others. They make the most touching films of all. I mean you don't have to even put an effort and your tears will shed apart from you. Their morals are deep and very long lasting. An amazing way to make us a better human every day. Don't worry about the language, we have got you covered with subs.

Go watch some and tell me your experience. Don't forget to mention the name of the short film. Who knows I may need a revision.

Thanks! Cheers!


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