Emotional Intelligence

I came to learn about this through a book from library and I would recommend you to find out more about this and implement in your life as well. Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient is the ability to understand your emotional needs as well as others around you further, it also speaks of using your understanding to make most out of your assets even when it is tough to do so.

We all go thru ups and downs in our life but this should not tamper our motivation to live or enthusiasm to works we should keep up and try time and again, there must be a way, there must be an end to our struggle. A person with higher EQ is a highly motivated and self-esteemed one and mild with his ego.

It is said that to get a job one needs a higher IQ (Intelligence Quotient) but in order to excel into it or to get promoted one must have his EQ working right. It is not always about how much you know or how well you can implement plain science to everything but your understanding of people and humane nature that bring happiness to your life, job and relationships as well.

Throughout our life, we have been taught to get good grades and in pursuit of this most of us losses our thinking ability of what as a living being we really need. Our education system has not focused much into this and thus it has now become a topic of great concern.

The best possible way of being a more Literate of EQ is by joining gatherings, meeting people, talking to them about their life, understanding them at the workplace as well and make decisions that benefit the both along with bringing a sense of peace to everyone.

If we began to deal with problems with this tool I don’t think there would be any war in our future or even scarcity of resources. After all, Earth has enough for everyone's need but nothing for anyone’s greed.

Well, there is an EQ test available on the internet too. You can take that one and analyze your needs and how you are going to make yourself for achieving more in your life.

Take the test NOW!!

I wish you get good scores.

Thanks for reading!