Superiority Of Fiber Cement Boards Over Ply Boards

Sanjana Gupta
Jun 13, 2019   •  82 views

The house is the place which provides a roof over one’s head, privacy and security from the snoopers and interlopers. Also, just having a dwell is not a necessity. Making it beauteous and enhanced is also an obligation. Several cladding materials can make your place have a beautiful appearance. The covering of floorings, house interiors like ramparts are done to serve a quixotic and gorgeous inland milieu regardless of the peripheral climate disorders. There are countless methods of shielding such as the metal cladding, fiber cement cladding, glass cladding, wood cladding, etc.

Fiber cement boards have become a commonest trend in the corporate. These serve a convenience during the speedy and effectual construction. Many folks are unaware of the fact that fiber cement boards are superior to the ply boards.

Fiber cement boards are made of sand, cement and cellulose fibers. The fiber cement boards are composed of Portland cement with a glass fiber mesh on the surface. These are, hence unaffected by the fire, insects and water.

These are stronger as compared to the gypsum boards in the availability of moisture and leakage.

The fiber cement boards excel in possessing a drying and moisture properties.

The lone disadvantage of these cement fibers is that they are more costly and possess a high mass and weight. Heavy labor and more time are required with the installments of these fiber boards, but they demand less maintenance after they are already fixed.

Unlike the ply boards, fibre cement board has several uses in floorings and furnishing. They are:

  • For entrance gates, as they possess an indestructible chattel

  • For barrage casing or paneling

  • Unlike ply boards, the fiber boards do not crumble due to the showers and doesn’t appeal termites

  • Used for kitchenette as they are resistant to fire

  • Less harmful handling as they are asbestos free

  • Low health hazards to the surrounding folks

The fibre cement board necessitates no or less maintained after the installments are fulfilled. They can be made eye catching using tones, colors and textures. Fiber cement boards can also be painted so as to beautify and make the place appealing. The fiber boards come in several thicknesses. These make them more resistant to heat, moisture and insects.

Fibre cement board comes with unique eminence, aesthetics, panache and sturdiness. The cement fibers are ideally a better choice option for canny and improved cores. Fiber cement has various pros and cons such as its durability, resistance and heavy in hefts.



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