Why Home Laundry Is The Most Difficult Process?

Danie Mart
Mar 23, 2020   •  6 views

Got a pile of undone laundry at home?

Doing one’s own laundry can be the most daunting task ever. Nevertheless, it is

indispensable. Home laundry can seldom be a smooth running task. A harmless bar of soap

or detergent can be an offensive weapon to the clothes, which can agitate or weaken the

fibers. Home laundry comes with its own set of drawbacks and challenges which makes it a

harder job than what it looks.

A Fabric setback:

It’s not an uncommon occurrence to avoid the laundry specifications mentioned in the label

while doing the laundry by yourself. Leaving clothes in the washer for too long can shrink,

wrinkle or even fade them.

For instance, natural fibers like silk and linen can be gently hand washed and air-dried

instead of churning them in the drier.

A delicate cashmere requires hand washing whereas a denim is best suited to machine wash

in cool water and it must be very carefully turned inside out to prevent fade.

There are almost a million specifications, which is best if taken care by dry cleaning Dubai

marina .

The detergent dilemma :

It is imperative to choose the right kind of detergent for different types of fabric. A cunning

chemical in the detergent can leave behind residue of dirt and cause allergies or irritation to

the skin. Harsh detergents disrupt the fabric and some clothes can tend to tear even during

a hand wash.

If advertising agencies are to be believed, it is best to use eco-friendly detergent to retain

the original shine or else compromise on your favourite pair of clothing!

Home laundry requires people to pick allegiance between daily chores.

● Stain removal strategy:

The Do It Yourself (DIYs) hacks do not really come handy when you have to deal with

stubborn stains. The first household reflex is to rub the stain, which actually agitates the

fiber that can cause the stain to spread. The soil from dirty clothes in the washer and

undissolved washing powder usually causes streaks or grey patches on light coloured


A launderette like investment :

Home laundry is a substantial investment. One cannot simply ignore the time required to

separate the whites from the coloured; requirements for different sets of detergents for

delicate items; stain removers; fabric softeners; deep cleansers for carpets, mats and


Most people like money being saved hence instead of investing in multiple ways, curtain dry

cleaning Dubai caters to all types of needs.

Overloading the machine:

To conserve time, energy and money, unloading the undone pile of laundry in the machine

might be the most tempting choice. However, overloading the machine disturbs the clothes

to water ratio and effectively leaves out the cleaning process and damages the machine.

A broken machine is an extra cost incurred along with dirty laundry qualms!

Laundry seems like a simple process. Laundry mishaps can spoil the quality of a beloved

dress and an attempt to rectify the mistake may make it worse. An expensive outfit can lose

its value because of ignorance or due to oversight. Hence, it can be concluded that getting

laundry done at home is not a hassle free task and can be daunting.