A bond that’s sacred and pure, which never demands of a background. A space wherein two or more people mutually respect and care for each other and, where the level of understanding is beyond all boundaries of explanations. While in school we got to know that “Man is a social animal” and that he needs companions to sustain in the race of life, but we never knew that we might need different sets of people at different stages of life. Then, outside the math classes friendship was the only constant we thought to exist in real life, but years went away and we realized friendship to be the greatest variable.

Old friends know us in a way that nobody else does. They know what has changed in us and what has stayed the same. They remind us of who we really are. They are a part of our history. These ties are timeless, while our mind is definitely not.

Middle school can shake up a kid’s friendship circle. It can be a rough time as children may go through several friendship groups within one year. It can also be a lonely time too. Elementary school camaraderie is often based on proximity. In middle school, it is necessary to have more in common.

A friend in need is a friend indeed is now replaced as One who supports in all your wrong deeds is a friend indeed. We were taught to stay loyal to them, and now we are learning to be loyal to their deeds. Now we understand the real meaning of Change is the only constant and we are the variables in the strings of life. The more you want people to stay, harder it gets for you to accept the distance and thus leading to awkwardness. You might not be able to analyze where you went wrong and you might spend hours overthinking but then you never know, like every other thing your friendship too might have had an expiration date.

But then you know it’s life, and living is all about embracing what comes to you. Stop crying over the endings, for they shall precede new beginnings. Reasons may be of all sorts but the end result will always be the same.

Never be afraid to move on in life, what’s gone is past. Learn to welcome the future in the warmest manner, and with that, gear up for new friendships and relationships.

Stop blaming and start accepting! Every single incident might have been unknown to you, stay there and take all the responsibility. It might be messy but it always leads to miraculous shifts in the phases of your life.

But with all the responsibility you take, you must always know to release the guilt you hold. Just because you accepted it, doesn’t make you wrong. Never try to explain others because it was your decision to fall in friendship and you yourself hold the right to decide your actions.

And if you’re afraid to lose that one person who meant the world to you, just remember that there are people who love you and they had been waiting for you to reciprocate back to their love.

I understand that life loses its balance when everything goes wrong. Just wait, and have faith. Work hard and rise. Stop depending and start looking forward

Towards a brighter life
Towards an eventful day
Towards a new ray of hope.