Marketing Lessons To Learn From Bollywood

Sakshi Patel
Feb 20, 2019   •  9 views

“BOLLYWOOD”, the word alone rises a plethora of adjectives in our mind. A blend of entertainment, romance, drama, adventure and action is what Bollywood is about. But what most of the people don’t realise that Bollywood is also a plethora of marketing ideas that one can use to increase their marketing sales.

Here are some marketing lessons from the Bollywood for the marketers to increase their sales:

1). Releasing movies at the time of festivals: -

Producers and directors connect the festival timings and the sentiments of people associated with it and then accordingly release the movie with the appropriate content. Movies like Tube light, Bhajrangi bhaijaan etc., are some movies released during festivals that became an instant hit in the box office.

2). Finance management: -

A movie is not the result of finance support of a single person but a collective effort of various people and organizations like advertising companies, directors, producers, media companies etc., This tells that never rely on a single bod for the finance as if the plan fails, one can be completely become bankrupt. Having options always eases the financial burden on the company.

3). Experiments: -

Experimenting is always a challenging genre whether for Bollywood or for the company. Although, Masala is the most important genre in the Bollywood but still producers and directors have mastered the art of experimenting on topics off field and had successfully conquered it. Companies should also focus on researching and experimenting as it brings out the aspects that one can use to differentiate themselves to be in the market for long.

4). Rumour mill: -

Gone are the days when the only form of publicity for the movies were billboards, posters and trailers. Today, moviemakers effectively make use of rumours and publicity to make sure the audience’s curiosity is hyped up and they surely follow the movie updates and finally watch the movie. “See, Think, Care, do” are readily utilised for the movie promotion and ensuring its business.

5). Making money: -

Movie actors and actresses are not solely dependent on their movies but they also have a hand in endorsements and other business. Actors like Deepika Padukone, Bipasha basu and many others have their own line of clothing brands. Some of them have a chain of cafes or other businesses.

These are some marketing lessons that a budding entrepreneur or a company can learn from Bollywood.