Pictures You Can Find On Instagram

Sahita Bonthu
Jun 27, 2019   •  5 views

Posting a picture on your Instagram account is a very tough task. We get confused to choose the best pictures among many and finally, after all the trails, we get the one last picture. But there is a lot more work to do with it. We edit those pictures, add a background, etc..

Check out the 5 types of Instagram photos we usually find :

1. Quotation Instagram Photos

These are the quite common pictures we find on instagram . Most of them are so inspiring, though they seem corny at times, can be motivational. They are very useful during the time when we have no source of encouragement or appreciation.They catchy and simple.They really can touch our heart very deeply and satisfies you.These kind of posts are attractive and surely get a like when read. So try to encourage others simply by posting some motivational pictures which take very less time to post and are the easiest way to get likes pouring down.

2.Seasonal Instagram Photos

One of the easiest trends involves posting season-themed photos .They look colorful and more attractive .Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentines Day, etc are the best occasions to spend your time for photo shoots.As they can give you lot of images for posting on instagram. People's attention is already going to be fixated and expectations will be high from your side, so give them more of what they want! Instead of taking common pictures like others try something new and creative and impress people.

3.Bluish-Tinted Images

Instagram users are attracted to bright and light images. Lighten the images before posting to make them different and catch attention of others. These images will surely gain appreciations and will always work in your favor. Images with blueish tints have found to have 24% more likes than their reddish/darker counterparts.So make sure when you click a picture of scenery try the bluish tints on them and they can add life to images.

4.Images with More Texture

This is one of the best types of Instagram posts, images with texture. Texture in images will immediately draw the focus of others, and they are also interesting to look at. This can be mostly preferred for food. When comes to food there can be no person in the planet who can hate food.Especially if the food is taken a picture with all the effects on it no one can resist from adding a like. So make sure that the image is so well taken that others can feel the creamy texture of the food.

5. Images with Lots of Backgrounds

Images with plenty of backgrounds perform better than those that are ultra-closeups. It allows for a feeling of whitespace, which makes the picture feel more organized .

These images are more liked by viewers. The pictures with more background effect can get 29% more likes than closeup images.So make sure you think creatively and add more background effect to your pictures that you feel unintresting. It makes a lot of difference so try it atleast once.

Create Your Own Ideas

If you’re looking to create your own type of idea, then you are trying to be creative and adding a new technique of photography.So the youtubers or insta-stars are the once who have took a step forward and thought of doing something creative.This is the reason they are famous now. Take what they’ve done and try to build it. Create something by putting some efforts. Post Instagram photos that unique and represent the real you. So make sure you have a good content of images and try to have ideas of your own and this will surely work out.