Signs You are a Foodie

There are some pretty signs you’re a foodie or not sure. Everyone knows that food is awesome to taste and eating delicious food is even better. Foodies love food, whether it’s healthy or not. Most likely, they know everything you could imagine about flavors, nutrition, and could be a professional guide to someone in a supermarket.

1. Grocery Shopping is Your Favorite Thing to Do

One of the biggest signs you’re a foodie is if you look forward to grocery shopping more than any other outing all week. You list down your favorite thing to buy and eat the yummy food of your choice. Budgeting is the not so fun part!

2.Spice Savvy

Because seriously, your cabinet just wouldn’t be complete without the curry, Herbs, and Garam Masala. Surely you require some spice in your food . Eating delicious food makes your day complete. You cannot spare if the food is not tasting spicy. The flavor is everything!

3. You’re Always the One to Decide the Menu

Wherever you go out for lunch or dinner with your friends, the menu automatically gets into your hands. Everyone is confident in your ability to choose what they will eat because they know your eating preferences. Because no one can really make a choice between cedar grilled salmon, rainbow trout, or the marinated kale salad, can they? You know you’re a foodie if you look forward to trying them all at your favorite restaurant, each time you go.

4. You Plan Your Day Around Food

Mealtime is the best time and you plan your day accordingly. Chances are you wake up having already planned what’s for breakfast and at the same time, you always have a snack on hand, because you are always hungry.

5. You can Eat at Anytime

You are not very choosy about the food you eat. You are flexible in terms of cuisine, and you are always ready to try something new in taste. As long as you know the food is tasting good, your stomach never says no. When you stand on the weighing machine and you are aware that you are overweight. Despite this, you ignore this and continue your food binging. You are obviously a foodie.

6.You Instagram Your Food

Instagram is your go-to way to share your food with people you love, or just a way to express your inner foodie. Because isn’t everyone dying to see your amazing bowl of oatmeal or the green smoothie that you created?

7. Your Favorite Magazines Are Cooking or Food Varieties

Lastly, you know you’re a foodie if your free reading time involves mostly cooking or food magazines, and blogs, of course! Cooking Light, Cooks Magazine, Rachel Ray, and of course, all the health and fitness magazines, because they have great food sections too. Forget business magazines or home gardening varieties. If food magazines are your go-to reads for pleasure, you're definitely a foodie.