What Do Food Bloggers Do? An Interview With Agra's Most Successful Food Blogger

Pratham Israni
Aug 11, 2019   •  332 views

Today, a Food blogger in India can earn like few thousands to 3-4 lakhs per month by Promoting & Reviewing Restaurants and cafes. Now it’s like a need of every new cafe or restaurant to call food bloggers for reviewing their food and service. People also love food bloggers as following food bloggers or instagrammers help people to stay updated with new places and food items available in the city. People often think that becoming a full time food blogger is easy but the truth is that it is NOT! Food blogging is not just about clicking eye catchy pictures of the food you eat, there is a lot behind those pictures which most of us don’t know.

So Here we are interviewing Ayushi Patel Aka The Indian Food Seeker, Agra’s Most successful Food Blogger. Recently she has also started her own Youtube channel. If you are a foodie, we highly recommend you to check out her profile on Instagram.


From where did your journey began? When you decided to become a food blogger?

Ayushi- I Used to post recipe pictures on my personal insta handle and at that time I was in Delhi, missing home food. I was passionate about the food, I wanted to be a chef but my wrong decision of persuing bachelors in commerce and wish of being a goverment servent stopped me. So, to fullfill my dreams in some or the other way I decided to do something which will let me stay connected with my love for food, from there I discovered instagram food influencing and soon it got converted into blogging and vlogging.

Did something happened throught the journey which shocked you or made you feel extra ordinary?

Ayushi- Yes, I started my food blog on 2nd October 2017 without thinking much about what I am going to post in future. At that time I just knew that it was just for showcasing talent and I wasn't expecting anything in return. But when I see it today, it is totally changed. Now I am 100% serious about this and working hard to achieve my goals. I am getting love and respect from the society, people know me as indian food seeker and treat me as an exception but I am one them and this motivates me to work harder.

What was your parents take on this, you being a food blogger?

Ayushi- Like every indian parents even my parents were like " why are you doing this? Is it giving you any ROI, you should either prepare for some goverment job" But I am their stubborn child So, I never listened and decided to go with my instincts. After a lot of time, Now I am getting results and my parents & family members are also happy to see me growing.

You put out great content 2-3 times a week. This motivates other bloggers, how do you manage all that?

Ayushi- I post regularly 1 post a day or sometimes 2 depends on my mood but I am consistent in my work and the love from my audience keeps me motivated all day and night.

You are definitely not that person who should get hate but still do you receive hate comments or statements? If yes, how you deal with that?

Ayushi- Yes, I do get bad comments also but I never react on them. My funda for growing is very simple "focus on the good and ignore the bad". Because negative things will definitely drag you down.

Do you think about becoming a full time food bloggers in near future?

Ayushi- Yes, I am thinking of doing this full time that's why I have started my youtube channel for staying more connected with my audience and I see myself being one of the top bloggers in the niche soon.

How you see the industry's future? Is this Influencer marketing bubble going to burst?

Ayushi- Industry is going to grow more and people will need more social media marketers rather than offline marketers. In all the marketing techniques they will be needing influncers but this marketing bubble is surely going to burst out one day or soon because no one want to work for free and wish to get recognized & paid too for their hard work.

We wish the indian food seeker all the best for her future and hope she will continue making great content for all of us.

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