The Nine Unknown Men: The Oldest Secret Society

Sagnik Chatterjee
May 06, 2019   •  105 views

Many of us have heard of the mysterious, world-dominating secret society known as The Illuminati. But the reality is often distorted in front of the common people. The Illuminati was actually a society based in France which had supported science and practical philosophy founded by Adam Weishaupt on 1st May 1776.

The society, however, has disintegrated due to all of the known followers being dead or having no next of kin. However The Illuminati look like children compared to the oldest secret society of Earth- The Nine Unknown.

The History Of The Nine Men

The norm of having a secret society is largely credited to the Western countries however the oldest society in humanity is actually from India. The legacy of the society was born when Emperor Ashoka conquered the region of Kalinga. When he conquered Kalinga he saw that the bloody battle took the lives of 100,000 men. This shook his morality and made him question about his purpose as Emperor, thus vowed to use intelligence for the benefit of mankind and not for plotting the demise of their enemies.

Their Role In The World

In Mundy's book, he wrote that the society had 9 members who were responsible for the safekeeping and improving upon a book which contains the secrets of a particular subject.

  1. The First book deals with psychology and it's applications in warfare and controlling the public using politics and communication skills to control the mindset of the people.

  2. The Second book deals with the physiology and other knowledge which can instantly kill people such as the ability to kill a person by just touching a pressure point. It is rumored that 'Judo' is the final manifestation of leaks from the second book.

  3. The Third book deals with microbiology and biotechnology.

  4. The Fourth book deals with alchemy and metal transmutations. They are considered to be the mysterious sources of money and gold for aid groups and victims during difficult times in India.

  5. The Fifth book studies all the possible means of communication for both terrestrial and extraterrestrial contact.

  6. The Sixth book has the secrets to gravity and the blueprint for a working spacecraft or popularly the Vimana in Mahabharata.

  7. The Seventh book has information on cosmology and the objects in the Universe. Evidence suggests that even before the invention of radios they knew about quasars and other objects.

  8. The Eighth book has information on weaponising light itself which is actually possible.

  9. The Ninth book is a book about sociology and helps predict them about their society's decline in the future.

Bottom Line

The identities of the Nine Unknown Men are only possibilities but some of them are the Founder of ISRO Vikram Sarabhai or Pope Sylvester II, who unlike normal religious leaders was actually a supporter for the laws and logic of science and presumably used the religious position for power. Knowledge is a source of power and will continue to be the source for eternity.