We all are just racing, with each other, and with our ownselves, we are so busy trying to win everyday, that we are missing the small beautiful moments around us, we are so busy thinking about the future and big things about our loved ones, that ironically we don't even have time for those loved ones. On one hand we want all the happiness for them in the world, and on the other hand we ourselves don't provide them with two utmost of their needs, time and attention. Many few people know this art of living in the present and enjoying those beautiful small moments, otherwise many people spent their entire time on Earth worrying about the future.

We are so career- oriented people, that for career we leave are families behind, we spent days without talking to them because we say we are busy and didn't get time and we are all this hardwork just for them only, but we forget that the time with them would never return, in a single moment life can change, people die or leave, and then kept us wondering where did we go wrong, we were doing everything systematically then why does this happened to us, we fill ourselves with guilt, that we should have spent more time with them instead of just working like a robot, instead of ignoring them for work, we should have ignored our work, at that moment we realise, that there is no point in worrying about the future, because everything is unpredictable, we should just let ourselves free, be in the moment and do whatever please us, and make our loved one's happy, as we don't know at one moment they are with us and maybe in another moment they are gone.

We are so unhappy these days, many people suffering from anxiety and insecurities, and all this for nothing, we get caught up in so much of negativity, for nothing, as all we have to do this enjoy what's around us, appreciate it, instead of comparing, we should appreciate ourselves, for putting together for whole day, month, year. Instead of blaming we should accept things, that sometimes things do go wrong but that's okay there is always some lesson when things go wrong, imagine what if everything always went right, wouldn't life will get meaningless? If we wouldn't know the pain and sadness how will we know the true meaning of happiness? Downs are equally essential as ups in our life as they teach us to value things around us.

So people always focus on small things around you, learn to accept things, appreciate them, spend as much time as possible with your loved ones, they need your time, attention and love more than anything else, money will come and go but if they left they won't come back, understand that bad moments make us realise things that we needed to realise, so instead of cribbing about life, live it as it as, don't compare lives, everyone has their own different story.


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beautifully written ... good to see aspiring writers express themselves here😊😊
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Wow! I