Help Desk Before Heading Towards Trekking

Ruhani Sethi
Jun 01, 2019   •  3 views

People often interchangeably use the terms hiking and trekking. Before landing up to discuss certain essentials which should not be missed on hiking. Let’s look forward to the ultimate difference between the two. Hiking is what is a micro level activity. When we involve in activities like walking leisurely and on man-made roads it is Hiking. But, trekking is much more rigorous and effort taking activity. It involves challenges and performing activities like climbing on aa naturally built huge rock.

We don’t want your adventure tails to have any sort of miseries or sorrow happenings. So, you should cross check your trekking essentials list with this to be on a safer board.

You must purchase the latest and greatest trekking gear.
Trekking involves a lot of not to miss on stuff. No need to overspend on stuff. Go for good quality. Outside stores are dangerous shopping vortexes. One must avoid.

Everything must be there
You cannot leave a chance to leave one thing thinking it might be heavy enough to carry. Go for some good quality material but ensure it is lightweight and easy for you to carry. Trekking involves mandatory materials but this mandatory material is a long list thing. You cannot take a chance of shunning any minute thing. From medicine to batteries you have to be peculiar about it.

Real trips require camping
Get, set, ready for not just facing the rocky lands but also living the nightlife. Camping plans in school times might be fun conversing with friends but the time has come. Face the real atrocities mixed with suspicious adventures. Camp along the riverside, mountain peaks or plain lands but be ready for every kind.

Carry an extra camera bag
If you're carrying a separate camera and multiple lenses consider packing a separate camera bag to protect your gear and to allow you easy access to it. For a bigger camera bag carry one on the shoulders.

Keep some dry sack
Climate can often be awful. At times of rain or snow, you cannot run for an umbrella or place to hide in. So be precautious and keep dry sack with you.

Walking stick is all you need for help
Recommend on most of the treks, mostly for downhill sections. One walking stick is enough to be carried for the trek.

Other mandatory stuff for trekking are:
1. Hand sanitizers and soap will help you giving the most healthy living brownie points during the hours of trekking.

2. Trekking snacks are inevitable. Carry a jar of peanut butter, crackers, bars of
3. Medicines: You may be miles or days away from any doctor so be sure to have some basic medicines with you in case you (or others) fall ill. Safety is always first.

4. Batteries and memory cards are useful in case you run out of electricity on your treks. There may be chances of no electricity at all. In such a case keep rechargers.