Finally! Game of Thrones has reached its finale episode. The journey that had been started from April 14, 2019, has now been concluded on May 19, 2019. Episode 6 has been titled as “ the iron throne”. The episode depicts the great battle at Winterfell and the last battle in kings landing for the control of iron throne between the two powerful families.

Although the first two episodes of game of thrones got a good response as the story moved on the last four episodes got some criticism. Although the iron throne get good reviews it was the most viewed episode with 19.3 million people watching it. It also becomes the most watched episode of any HBO show.The iron throne has been criticized for its rushed pacing, disappointment conclusion of the story. Last episode has been rated as the second worst episode expect overall rating of 48%. While texpectingated episode in the entire series was “the bells” with an overall rating of 47%. Many of the game of thrones fans does not accept it to end this way. Fans were expecting that the finale episode will cover up all the writing that they did not like it at all in the last three episodes. the last episode left with a lot to talk about. Finale episode moved on a few weeks ahead. It also left some major plot points too. Episode 6 spent less time with the key conversations and spend more time resolving the story.

The Fans have thought that the finale episode will take some unexpected turns. Some were even thinking about the who got the iron throne in the last, watching the episode it seemed that no one got the iron throne as it was melted by the dragon with his fire-breath when Daenerys Targaryen was killed and the Sansa was crowned as the queen of north with Bran as king of the six kingdoms. So, watching the ending it does not seem at all that anyone had got the iron throne, all the leaders set to their individual journey. With only Bran and Sansa ruling their kingdoms, others like Arya sets sail to explore west of Westeros. Tormund and Ghost along with Jon and wildings head to the north of the wall. Brienne, Bronn, Tyrion, Davos, and Sam rebuilds the king’s landing.

Now, now enough with the critics. Why don't we look at some good points of the finale episodes? It is true that the iron throne has rushed a little to meet its ending. But there were some good points about the episode like the role-played by all the actors was amazing. Whether it was a small role or the big role they had done their work well.their hard work has truly paid off in the game of thrones series. The design of the set was also incredible. Customs and the other things they had played an important part in the series was truly fantastic. We should truly thank all the crew members of the game of thrones series, because of their hard work the series completed successfully.

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