Common Macbook Problems And Fixes

Rose Marry
Nov 27, 2019   •  0 views

We all love our macs. They provide us with a flawless laptop experience that only the Apple company can give. The macs have much better endurance rates compared to other laptops but they still do malfunction from time to time, like any other electronic device. There are Macbook repair services in Miami that cater to your MacBook breaking down. But before that, you can check to fix it yourself if the problem is a minor one. Here are some common MacBook problems and their home fixes:-

  1. MacBook keeps dying - If your MacBook keeps shutting down even though there is a percentage of battery left. This may signal a problem for your mac other than the battery fault and charging point. What you can do is restart your Mac so that it can shut down and reboot with the proper procedure required for the functioning of different hardware and software. You can further reset your System Management Controller(SMC). If the problem persists you will need to visit the MacBook repair service center in Miami.

  2. Showing a blank screen in boot up - When a MacBook fails to start in it can show different colors on the screen. Each color means a different problem the mac is facing. If a black or blue screen appears, it means that your map is having trouble loading an app or login function. A grey screen means important software is not functioning as it should be. What you can do is restart your Mac by long-pressing the power button for six seconds. Then try to get to the main screen through the safe mode. Then try to solve the problem by identifying the app or software not working and fixing the same. You should further check for updates of the software because that too might be causing these problems. If the problem is not going away, you can search for MacBook repair Miami on the internet to find a professional solution.

  3. Flickering screen - If your mac screen keeps flickering making it seem like it has lost all resolution or brightness, you can check and do a few things before spending money for professional help. You can check for physical damage if any can point the way to an understanding of what is going wrong. You can further try to start the laptop in safe mode to point out the problem and eradicate it. You can reset your PVRM/SMRM settings and you can update your mac if there are any pending updates. If the problem evades, you can go to a center for MacBook repair in Miami.

  4. MacBook, not charging - First check your power outlet, then the accessories for damage or blockage. If these are fine then reset your PRAM and SMC settings. If this still doesn’t work check the status of your battery on the laptop. If it’s asking for a replacement then you better change the battery of the laptop.

  5. Keyboard not working- The new mac keyboards are more prone to damage than the earlier ones. Dust and particles collect inside the keyboard making it harder to press or altogether destroying its sensitivity. You can take an air pressure tank and blow it on the keyboard while holding the laptop vertically. This will help clean up your keyboard. If the problem persists you can look for a repair services macbook in Miami.

These are some of the common but serious problems people are facing these days while working on their macs. They can be solved at home if the problem is not deep rooted. In other cases, professional help will be needed. For more help, please visit