I know , I know, title doesn't make sense, but you opened it, to see what is this crap? This isn't any click bait, but here I am trying to draw a fine line to amalgamate Indian and Western Music. Divided by regions ,united by tunes. No one is above the other, they are just different. The reason I am writing this article is because most people still think that our "Bollywood" music is crap and any thing western is all good. Not so!

Indian culture from way past, has involved music and dance into it's culture. From court rooms to plays, music and dance have been a part of our culture. It influenced everyone, every culture in India has inherited, it's something which cannot be seperated out from each other. So it was no surprise when music and songs were included in Indian Cinema. Earlier actors used to sing songs on their own, later playback singers came in, which became voice of actors. Later, dancing came in when one situation came in, and sometimes not. By 80's there were like 6-7 songs, out of which 4 dance sequences, 3 love songs, and that trend followed for next 20 years, and that became symbol of Bollywood. International audience percieves us in that fashion: Our ethnic dress, our big sets, songs, dance, that's what bollywood is all about. And it's not our fault, music has been essential part of our cinema and that is what makes it different from other world cinema. But they are not alone, we ourselves have mocked our music several times, truly, cause songs were copied , lack of originality, but in latest time we tend to do it frequently.

Since new kind of party songs have arrived, we have been saying, 'Oh! This is vulgur', 'Lyrics are non-sensical', but when Girls twerk in 24k magic, we watch it again and again and make it a billion times viewed video or Raps which totally bash women is sung in english ,it's on everyone's playlist, but similar raps is sung in hindi, it's vulgur? Why? Why different language matters so much! Why we tend to polarise our thoughts so much.

Western Music is younger in comparison to Indian cinema. From classical Instrument to Electronic music, it has evolved a lot. Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Metal it has brought so many changes, and world dances to them. They have such a big fan base, evrywhere,no doubt. But they are not neat and clean themselves, their songs too consist body shaming, vulgarity, but we never say anything. All loods jolly to us. But when we make an item number in Bollywood, why are they bashed? Why our intellects start to erupt.

But see the hypocrisiy here, we might even like to listen Hip Hop beats , but we dance to Desi upbeats. Maybe, it's in our blood, our music, our dance. It's not everyone goes with this ideology but we still feel unconfortable to play Hindi songs on speaker but it's a must on headphones.

They both are amazing in their own way, we must learn to appreciate, if we can give it a good hear, we will groove to it. I personaly enjoy Bollywood, Western Classical and EDM, I go with so much variety, I am a rare combination. Try yourself, you'll like it.