Dear Daddy,

Though you were never as vocal as mom in telling how much you love me, you made me feel your love in million ways throughout all my life.

Now it’s time for me to tell how much you mean to me. I was wondering, why don’t I thank you for the help and support you give me. Later, I realized if I startthanking you, then I should keep thanking you every second I breath.

You taught me, how to be a good human being, how to be sensitive and strong at the same time, how tocare for others without expecting anything in return (which I am still trying to learn, as I don’t have agolden heart like you do).

Yes, it’s your responsibility to take care of your children, but you are anextraordinary father who goesway out of his comfort and protect us. We know sometimes the way you care goes little extremes and

people think it’s pointless. But not for me, all I can see is how much your heart beats for us.

So many times, you give up and hide your pain just to keep me happy. I know how difficult it was for youto send me off to work away from you. I am sorry daddy.

You gave me much more than a daughter could ever articulate. When someone asks me, "who is yourfather?" You have no idea, how proud my heart is to tell your name.

Daddy, unfortunately I am not your son, for being a daughter if it’s inevitable to leave our family oneday, no matter what please remember that you will always get a phone call asking for permission, a call

asking for your advice, a call asking for help, a call if I want to start anything new. I hope you will nevertreat me like I belong to a different family.

Thanks for giving me such a beautiful childhood,

Thanks for protecting me like I am precious,

Thanks for making me giving me priority and importance above everyone else.

Thanks for letting me know that education is beyond books.

For me, you are always right, always perfect, always the most important person of my life.

I love you somuch and you mean world to me.

Your loving Daughter.