Best Whey Protein Powder In India Optimum Nutrition

Dec 25, 2019   •  1 view

Leta talk about ON gold standard whey protein review. I will tell you about Double rich chocolate flavour as it is most famous among all of them.

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Dave: Double Rich Chocolate


I tried the double rich chocolate flavor. I enjoy the taste of chocolate, especially in the form of chocolate milk. This whey protein was not as good as chocolate milk, but for a chocolate whey protein it did taste pretty good and was quite satisfying.

This whey protein is so good I looked forward to drinking it as a form of dessert. Therefore, flavor wise, I award Gold Standard by Optimum Nutrition a score of 7.5/10.


Although I blended this whey protein, rather than using a shaker, I only did so for a few short seconds and it was good to go. Most other protein powders I've tried have taken longer. Therefore, mixability/texture-wise, I award Gold Standard whey a score of 8/10.

EffectivenessAs with any protein supplement review, it is difficult to evaluate the overall effectiveness of the product. The reason is, unlike creatine and pre-workout amplifiers there is no immediately noticeable effect.

From my point of view, the purpose of protein is to either get extra calories in your diet or to raise your protein intake. Also, protein supplementation may be used in place of an unhealthy meal, which would be detrimental to an individual seeking an improved physique.

Since I began working out, protein shakes have been a part of my daily diet. The convenience of a protein shake is too good not to take advantage of.