Today we are moving with an upgrading technology of fast and quick results.

These are the times of fast food but slow digestion and fewer nutrients. As we are long on quantity but short on quality.

Before computers were fat and we were slim but now we are fat and computer are slim.

Now let us know what the best could we get from homemade food.

1.Ingredient Control :

We will have a complete idea on the ingredients what we use to prepare our food. They are fresh as we choose them to prepare our own food alike of frozen in the restaurant.

Here we have a great opportunity to pick good and to serve the best.

2.Have family time and save money :

As we are preparing food by our self, we will choose the quality and the quantity as per our taste which helps us to save a lot of money. We can have a good time with our children and spouse while serving and preparing the food.which helps us to give better health to them.

The way you have your thoughts while cooking will reflect the same on the person after consuming it.

Do you know how did Mahatma Gandhi get the thought of nonviolence?

There is a say that, the chef who cooks the food for Gandhi, was the person who is against violence and that had a great impact on his food.
“Healthy food brings Healthy thoughts”

3.Calories Count :

The food prepared at home helps you have a perfect diet thought some times it goes tasteless, but the calories you get for them will be limited which helps you to have the perfect outfit.

The way the food is prepared will impact on the functionality of your organs. A properly cooked food with fewer calories will help us to build our self from inside.

4.Hygienic Food :

As we already knew the homemade food is prepared on the selection of the best quality and quantity of the ingredients.

We have hygienic and instant prepared food which helps us to maintain our health and boost up our activeness in doing our respective work and which is most trustable.

It helps us to avoid our self getting affected by the diseases spreading easily as it will be prepared in healthy surroundings.

We can expect a high amount of nutrients from it.

5. Avoid Allergic food :

As the food is prepared by our family members they have the concert regarding our and complete idea about our likes and dislikes. They help us to have the food as we want and which matches our taste and habits. This helps us to avoid getting allergies to from food.