The scientific way of study on the nervous system is neuroscience.
We all have saints and monks extraordinary chanting and low throaty drone all day long.

Never wondered why do they do it?

Yes, there is a reason behind it. The Sanskrit mantras and the poems are extracted from our Vedas. While we pronounce them the in the correct way we make our self relax and low pressure from the world outside us. It helps us to get inner peace and strength. We subconsciously train our mind to be calm in all the situations.

The mantras and the poems in Sanskrit are not just taken in any simpler way; every word here has a meaning and a reason behind it. They represent all our tradition, culture and lifestyle.

They guide a person to choose a correct path in the field they go and help him to get a good character.

The chant of Gayatri mantra daily for 21 times helps in curing many through disease, not just one we have many ancient mantras which cure many diseases without any medical help.

Don’t you believe then try it once?

Sanskrit is the mother of all languages as they have been extracted from it. The wonder in the language is what you pronounce is what you write. The correct pronunciation of “OM “for 32 sec will form a Shree Chakra around you. By chanting the mantras you help your brain to grow big, you increase your IQ levels and your memory will be far better than the previous one.

Learning Sanskrit and having a grip on the mantras in it will definitely help you to become a better person in this universe as it gives the solutions for all kind of problems you come across in your life. It helps to make miracles with your life.

Don’t teach children Johny Johny yes papa; instead, teach them the powerful mantras which help them to build themselves from the very young age.

World of Sanskrit is very big as the ocean. It has many miracles which science has not figured it out. Our ancient books and the knowledge in it is something more advance then the knowledge we have.

The book you read is the way you train your brain and helps you to train it in a better way to have a peaceful life.

Never underestimate the power of chanting, it is something which is going to guide you in a better way to have good behavior and peaceful life.