After a long stressful day, one would like to have a sleep for a long time than the regular.
Even it’s hard for oneself to sleep before 9.30 p.m, as we just chill our self on online, talking with friends and people for all long the night.

It was harder for me to sleep at 10.00pm and wake up at 4.00 am before knowing the benefits of it.

Whether you wake up at 4.00am or 9.00am, or you go to sleep at 10.00pm or 1.00am it only matters did you complete your inner sleep cycle. It only matters at which point you wake up and how many hours do you sleep per night.

Of course, not getting enough sleep makes you tired, forgetful, weakens your immune system, and which also lead to a serious case of brain fog, butwe can manifest them by awakening mid-sleep cycle regardless of how much sleep you got.

After a survey, it was suggested that the best time to sleep for an average person is 10.00pm to 4.00 am to have a perfect sleep and good health.

  • Have you ever wonder why people ask to get up early morning.

  • Why do all the successful people have a habit of getting up early morning?

  • Did you ever think of the magical power of early morning?

  • Why should one really prefer the early morning?

Here we have a few benefits of early morning :

1) Get more work done:

As you wake up at 4.00a.m you will not have anyone who disturbs you from doing your work.

There will no phone calls, no messages or no human to distract you from your work. You will have complete 2 hours extra than your competitors which help you to go a step further than them in no time.

2) Not running late equal to less stress:

As we know we are getting 2 hours extra every day we have enough time to complete the difficult task in the given time which helps us in avoiding stress and helps us to maintain our health in track.

3) Time for the gym:

We get enough time for morning workouts and morning run. Nowadays everyone wants to have their perfect shape luckily early morning’s help in doing so. Morning run also help us to get Vitamin D from the sun naturally.

4)chances of success:

With peace in mind, early mornings help us to think about the problems we are facing and to figure out the solution for it. It is common that all successful people have a habit

of wake up early in the morning.

Early to rise and early to rise,make a man healthy and wise…