If It Hurts You On The Inside, Share It Out.

R. Bhowmik
Apr 24, 2019   •  24 views

It's sad when we hear stories of people who give up their lives due a number of reasons, starting from love affairs, marriage problems, unemployment to the “unspeakable” - mental health problems.

If we quickly go through the list of reasons for leading causes of suicide in India, familial problems and illnesses top the charts. Next in line are marriage issues and love affairs. Failed affairs and poverty suicides make it to the news because they arouse reader emotions better with their sense of drama and what ifs.

What doesn’t make it to the news is mental health problems.

What kind of pressure can be so intense as to cause reasonably well-off, educated young people to end their lives?Why are they not able to cope when life throws them a curveball? Are we failing to pass on coping skills to our peers, our youngsters and children?

If we think hard about it, there can be numerous reasons to give up one's life. One of the most painful and significant reason for someone to give up their life is that they feel that their present problem or the resultant emotional turmoil is insurmountable.

And In my opinion this is a micro view.

Let’s take a different view? A MACRO one.

The idea is to think about the end. For example, how beautiful your life will be in 2 years time when you see the most happiest smile on your parents face. You’ve overcome this situation that you’re dealing with right now.

Just close your eyes for a minute. Can you see it?

They are genuinely happy. Because you practised self-love and took a macro view of the situation. And now the result is this. Happy parents. People who’d miss you the most if you weren’t there with them.

On the other side, we oftentimes label someone who has taken their life as a “loser”.

Why? It’s part of our vocabulary problem.

Life isn't about winning or losing. Life is about dealing with issues rather than running away from them or getting buried under them. So there can’t be a loser.

The point of writing this is that, if your hurting on the inside and you feel like hurting yourself on the outside. I'd say, wait for a minute, please?

Take a deep breath. Drink some cold water. Sit down.

And believe that this is not permanent. This situation will change. Even a day changes after 24 hours and that's just made up stuff.

You are real, you are human, your situation will change too.
Because there is life after hopelessness, light after dark and there is a solution to every problem in this world.

The starting point of that is - Talk to someone, to a trusted friend, a parent, a therapist.
These people will definitely listen to you and believe me, just being able to talk about it and sharing it with someone is the first step towards the solution.

So let me leave you with this thought.

Want to talk about mental health with someone?
Talk to me, you drop me an anonymous message right here.
No judgements, no qualms, only understanding. :)



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R. Bhowmik  •  5y  •  Reply
Thanks for the honest feedback man.
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Akash Sinha  •  5y  •  Reply
Much needed to be acknowledged. The issue of mental health. Everyone's fighting his/her own battles. Well written. 👌